Who'd Have Thought It?

I forget how many years have passed since I first met Sam Millar, listened to his songs and knew he had a super talent. Time goes by and then out of the blue came a phone call from ... Sam Millar, eager to find out how I was faring after such a long time and see if, as the Mayor of Bath, I could help him promote a new Millar song. But this wasn't any old song, mind you. It just happened to be a song about an old country disc-jockey who grew up on a farm, picked a bit of banjo and played the occasional song for his father on his radio show. The DJ happened to be me and back in the days that Sam wrote about I hosted a show on CMR Nashville called “Same Roots Different Fruits” which is where I passed Sam’s music onto the owner, Lee Williams. I may not have grown up on a farm (that was Sam’s poetic license) but did spend school holidays on my Uncle Edgar’s acres and played a little claw-hammer banjo in my spare time. Listening to Sam Millar’s new song, “Same Roots, Different Fruits”, from his new album due out in 2012, brought a lump to my throat, because I realized that it was biographical. Sam Millar, you've done me proud.

Sam Millar has real talent and knows how to tell a story in the time-honored country way - simply and to the point. He’s also pretty good at writing melodies, too ‘cause this one is as pretty as a Southern belle in an apple orchard’. The roots of Sam's latest fruit are entrenched in rich country soil.

BRYAN CHALKER - Mayor of Bath

The Mayor with wife, Glenys Chalker