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Check out the lyrics for Saturday Night in the guitar below

Saturday Night Album Sampler

'Sam's Radio Interviews'

1) UK Country Radio.com (Coming This Month)

2) MCWC - Sweden

Sam was No. 1 for 5 weeks in the charts below

NCM Country Chart 2010

Charts1   www.Newchristianmusic.Co.Uk

1.Sam Millar – House Full Of Love
2.Wade Vincent Root - Where Angels Are
3.Gaither Vocal Band – Come And See What's Happenin'
4.Kristen Trayer - Blessed Is The Child
5.Bobby Smith – Small Packages
6.Randy Travis – Everywhere We Go

NCM UK Chart 2010

2.Sam Millar – House Full Of Love
3. Robin Mark - Greater The One
4. Yazz - Jerusalem
5. Spring Harvest (Solo: Ben Cantelon) - One Way
6. Andy Humphries - That'll Be Jesus (Spanish Version)
NCM Euro Chart 2010

2.Sam Millar – House Full Of Love

3. Dionne Warwick - Rise, Shine & Give Glory
4. Randy Travis - Everywhere We Go
5. Gordon Mote - Get Up In Jesus Name
6. Wes Davis - The First Night Of Christmas
7. Cathy Wheeler - None Can Measure

Getting Started

Getting Started

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"Same Roots Different Fruits"

Due to the success of Sam's single, "House Full of Love", off the album "Saturday Night", at the No. 1 spot for five weeks in the NCM (New Christian Music) charts, Sam will be releasing to the WORLD, a brand new single called "Guardian Angels", this coming May 2011

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