Saturday Night

Sam Millar enjoyed his return to Nashville for his second and latest album ‘Saturday Night’, but went there this time with a handful of his songs that relate to today's country music. With Sam's unique British style it is already beginning to achieve the credit it so deserves.

1) Saturday Night - Fast Tempo
2) Diamond Love - Slow Tempo
3) At the Funfair - Fast Tempo
4) Getting Nowhere - Slow Tempo
5) Just Give Me One Beautiful Girl On A Horse With Some Lemonade - Fast Tempo
6) Thank You Very Much - Mid Tempo
7) House Full Of Love - Slow Tempo
8) I Can See Clearly Now - Mid Tempo
9) Somebody’s In Love - Slow Tempo
10) You Lied I Cried - Fast Tempo
11) Temptation My Heart - Mid Tempo
12) Gypsies - Slow Tempo

Recorded at
Java Jive Studios, Nashville, Tenn, USA
Sound Control Studios, Nashville, Tenn, USA
Produced by Mark Moseley
Executive Producer: Lee Williams
Engineer: David Martin

Tommy Wells - Drums and Percussion
Duncan Mullins - Bass Guitar
Mark Moseley - Acoustic Guitar
Mike Douchette - Steel Guitar, Dobro, Harmonica
Mike Rojas - Grand Piano, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, Hammond, Organ, Strings, Accordion
Kerry Marx - Lead Guitar, 12 String, Baritone Guitar
Dug Grieves - Lead Guitar, Baritone Guitar
John Heinrich - Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax
Steve Smartt - Trumpet

Background Vocals
Justin Ryan, Margie Cates, Sam Millar, Mark Moseley, Lee Williams

Special Thanks
Mum & Dad, Ann Gibney, Big Patsy, Uncle Davey, Lee Williams, Grank Graves, Lenny & Jose Joyette, Eric Williams, Stephen Mathew, Allan King, Mike Deacon, Tony Byrne, Jonathan Butler, Peter Hoo, Manny Elias, Steve Woof, Jonathan Shalit, Tony Grundy, Dave Hind, Lars G Lindberg, MCWC Radio (Sweden), Paul West Hope FM, John Craven BCMI Radio and Mark & Donna Moseley. Not forgetting Lisa & my children, Ricky, Danny, Alfie and little Josie, all my family appearing on the photo on the front album cover, Elvis, Father Brian, Sister Petronia, Granny and Our Lord God. The great session players of Nashville, whose expertise, illustrated my songs to the maximum.