w Same Roots Different Fruits
Same Roots Different Fruits

Same roots different fruits that what I heard him say on the show today
Son you are my reason for breathing day to day
I think of a different season when I heard your voice today
I remember your lovely mother as she held you in her arms
The sadness of her passing is everlasting in my heart
Is that right you write a better love song because of me
Is that right you play a little country song for me everyday
Same roots different fruits on the country show from my radio
2nd Verse
Son I always wondered did you ever remember back
The work was hard on that piece of land it nearly broke us and that’s a fact
But those same roots and those different fruits (girls la la la la)
Made me so proud of you right from the start
Now every time I hear you on the radio there’s a family reunion in my heart
Same roots different fruits that’s what I heard him say on the show today
Banjo Solo/lead guitar
Chorus x 2
You play hey hey (hold Banjo)
Same roots different fruits that’s what the DJ said I heard him from my Bed

Lyrics & Melody Sam Millar 2011
Recorded at Lonestar Studios, UK
Written & Produced by Sam Millar
Co-produced and Engineered by John Lonestar

John Lonestar: Guitars, Banjo, Dobro, Pedal Steel, Mandolin, Bass, Accordion, MIDI Programming
Maureen Clancy: Guitars, Tenor Banjo, Tin Whistle, Mandolin, Keyboards, Bass, Bouzouki, Accordion, Fiddle, MIDI Programming
Sam Millar: Rhythm Guitar
“Same Roots, Different Fruits” is the title single from Sam’s forthcoming album of the same name, out in early 2012


Press Release

‘Same Roots Different Fruits’ is the new single by Sam Millar due for release on 7th September 2011. The track is taken from Sam’s forthcoming album of the same name, which will be available in early 2012. The song is about the true life story of the then Country music radio presenter, Bryan Chalker, now the mayor of Bath, and there will be a video available shortly to promote the song (please see the Mayor’s press release on the back of the CD sleeve). The new album will be of a Country/Irish style, with a feel of Cajun. Earlier this year, Sam was presented with an NCM Christian award by George Hamilton IV, for being at No 1 for five weeks with ‘House Full of Love’, a track taken from his critically acclaimed current album ‘Saturday Night’. He has also just been nominated in the BCM Awards (British Country Music Awards) for an earlier release this year called ‘Guardian Angels’, the awards take place this coming October 2011. Sam has spent most of this year in the studio, writing and recording exciting new material for the album in preparation for its release next year. The new album is inspired by Sam’s own Irish heritage and has been written around some true and some not so true stores close to Sam’s heart to reflect this. Sam writes and produces his own music and has been working at Lonestar Studios in Essex with the albums co producer, John Lonestar. His music has been given critical acclaim from as far away places such as America and Australia and since his appearance on the ‘Phil Mac Country Show’ in the UK, Sam’s music has been brought to an even bigger audience especially in Ireland and Europe. Now Taking Bookings For 2012 For interviews, voiceovers, and more information about Sam, please visit the www.sammillar.com website, or email:info@sammillar.com

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