Guardian Angels

"10/10 Excellent. Sam is one of those singer that is so at ease when singing live. And this track just shows what a singing talent he is"
Roger Hill, DJ - United Kingdom
New Christian Music Radio Show

"Beautiful lyrics"
Alan Potter, DJ - United Kingdom
HHR Radio and Tempo FM

"Very good"
Arno Bierings, DJ - Holland
Radio Eagle

"Very good"
Arno Bierings, DJ - Holland
Radio Eagle

"Should do well for Sam. Very good."
Barry Dixon, Journalist - United Kingdom
Now Dig This Magazine

"Will have fans. Good."
Big Al Field, DJ - Australia
Shoalhaven 92.3 FM, Shoalhaven 99.7 FM


Their blessed heaven sent guardian angels for me and for you for me and for you
She returned my letter long ago it seems, I remember how it read
He has carved us in the hollow of his hand, try and understand
If this road we take darkens all around, the angels will light up the skies
So let”s stand proud and say our holy vows
The message they bring makes a wonderful sound of love
When the guardian angels start to sing around
In time we will see life’s true precious story and one day we will look back and say
We were given the chance to fight for our true love and glory
So on bended knees now what will you say
Their blessed heaven sent guardian angels
They”ve always been here to see us through
Wind in our sails their guardian angels for me and you
I woke up this Sunday morning to the sound of church bells ringing they were drowning in my ears
As we sail away into the dark of night the angels shadows disappears
The revolution of love still burning in my heart and her purpose became clear
With child in arms we look to the stars
The message they bring makes a wonderful sound of love
When the guardian angels start to sing around
In time I have seen life”s true precious story now forever I will love and obey
And if I was given the choice I know I would do it all over
For I know now what she was trying to say
Extended-Chorus (for me and for you, for me and for you)
Up Key into Solo
(Josie speaks) we are gathered here today to witness these two people be joined together in holy matrimony
End: Extended-Chorus

Written and Produced by Sam Millar
Recorded at Andy Douglas” Studio
Engineer - Andy Douglas

Arrangements - Sam Millar - John Lonestar
Guitars - Fiddle, Accordion, Pedal Steel - John Lonestar
Pianos - Organ, Strings - Tony Crosby
Cello - Rachel Lund
Backing Vocals Lesley Elder, Louise Baker, Francesca Hansen
Little Girl - Josie Millar

Special thanks

Andy Douglas - Stephen Mathew - Frank Graves - Keith Coleman - John Lonestar - Paul Davis - Tommy Coltrane - Keith Wright - Christina Stocks - Jonathan Butler - Leslie Creasey - Terry Stevens - Steve Woof - Lee Williams “CMR Nashville” - Allan Watkiss “UK Country Radio” - Dave Walker “Cross Country Mag” - Rob & Mal “Up Country Mag” - Irene Tradewell “Country Routes Mag” - Bryan Longlands “Able Radio” - John Craven “British Country Music Radio” - Mum and Dad - Aunty Ann Gibney - Elvis - Wife and Kids - God

To all the above for their help and support in the recording of this song, thank you so much, I will never forget you.

“Guardian Angels” is my follow up song to “House Full of Love” off my album “Saturday Night” which did very well for me in the NCM Christian Charts were it was No1 for 5 weeks and I received an award from George Hamilton IV.

“Guardian Angels” is dedicated to Paul Davis, founder of the NCM Christian charts, thank you for your inspiration, Paul. I, We, will never forget you, sam.