9 Hours 2 Nashville

RATED AS ONE OF THE BEST CONTRIBUTIONS TO BRITISH COUNTRY MUSIC, Sam's first album '9 Hours 2 Nashville' got him many TV appearances, and tracks being used on 4 EMI Compilation albums. It still continues to be talked about today and still receives air play.

1) She Is Just Too Hot For Me - Fast Tempo
2) I Can’t Take Anymore - Slow Tempo
3) She’s Everything To Me - Mid Tempo
4) I Been Found - Fast Tempo
5) Can I Be Frank With You - Fast Tempo
6) Dreaming And Crying - Mid Tempo
7) I Just Wanna Be With You Forever - Fast Tempo
8) Louisianna - Slow Tempo
9) I’m Gonna Get You - Fast Tempo
10) Don’t Shout At Me - Mid Tempo
11) You Were Saying Goodbye - Slow Tempo
12) I Just Can’t Believe You’re Gone - Slow Tempo
13) She Is Just Too Hot For Me (dance version)

Recorded at Sound Control Studios, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Lead Guitar: Eugene Moles, Bill Hullett, Mark Moseley
Drums: John Gardener
Percussion: Steven Klink
Bass: David Martin
Piano/Keyboard: Gordon Mote & Jeff Lisenby
Steel Guitar: Steve Wilkerson
Strings: Kristen Wilkerson, David Davidson, David Angell & John Catchings
Strings arranged by Jeff Lisenby
Background Vocals: Mark Moseley, Julie Mannes & Sam Millar
Engineer: Mark Moseley
Assistant Engineers: Mark Pfuntner & David Martin
Executive Producer: Lee Williams
Produced by Mark Moseley

Cover Photograph by Dick Barnatt
Design by Orange Curve

Special Thanks
Padraic Burke, Tim Cooper (Evening Standard), Allan King (Sky), Tony Peters (Acuff Rose), Channel 1, Steve Taylor, Hugh Carlin, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Goddard, Mark Moseley, Guy Fletcher B.A.S.C.A, Mike Collier, Jim Hiley, Brian & Glenis Chalker, Lenny & Don Jose Haddaway, Lee Williams, David Montague, Mike Deacon, Joe the 'Pipe'. Uncles - Gabe, Jerry, John & Davy, Lisa & Kids. And all my friends and family for their support.

Thank You - Mum, Dad, Josephine, David Millar & God
Miss You - Granny, Fred Faber, Big Patsy & Elvis